Peer managerS

CHSC is particularly proud of our employment services program, in which a Peer Manager can live on site, earn a part-time wage, receive supportive services alongside their fellow tenants, and coordinate with services staff, property management, and ownership to ensure that our tenants are safe and our properties are well maintained. 

 The primary benefit of employing Peer Managers at CHSC properties is their ability to reflect the underlying principles of our program while relating to tenants who have often shared the same life experiences on their way to becoming permanently housed. Peer Managers are able to serve in a liaison role with tenants, neighbors, and staff, all while building skills that can be transferable to future employment beyond our communities. 


Shawna Dierksen

US Coast Guard, Kodiak, Alaska, Pier Services
San Diego, California Small Boat Station

I have only been a Peer Manager at the Village for a short time.  What I love is the opportunity to leave every veteran and every situation I come in contact with, better. Sometimes this as is simple as smiling or a way to make someone’s space more positive. I like to be helpful and hopeful in any way that I can. Who could ask for anything better than this?

As a victim of domestic violence, I became homeless after fleeing my living situation. I lost everything, yet who knew in the process it would make me a stronger, kinder, and more compassionate person.

Robert Holley

US Navy, Aviation Mine Counter Measures, Gulf War Era
Honorably Served 1992-1996

I have lived at Zane-Wolff Veterans Village as a Peer Manager going on 2 years. My job provides me with a sense of accountability while regaining a current work history and enjoying the relationship of fellow veterans.

Having the trust from CHSC as an employee on site has provided financial stability, a place to call home, and hope as I rebuild those parts of my life that have been out of reach until now. This type of opportunity was unavailable to me not very long ago, and because I have stable affordable housing and steady employment, I'm now able to move forward in society.

Jeff Lawrence

US Navy, Electronics Technician 3rd Class

I've been a Peer Manager since February 2019, with the opening of the Zane-Wolff Veterans Village. I became the Benton Veterans Village Peer Manager in 2020.

Prior to that, I was a homeless veteran living in a makeshift shelter on the river in Cloverdale. After a 9 month stay at the Hearn House (also owned by Community Housing Sonoma County and operated by service agency, Nation’s Finest), I was able to become a tenant at the Village. With my home, I was offered a position as a Peer Manager.

As a result, my life has turned around. It has given me the opportunity to grow and continue to serve my community. Helping other veterans in need and being able to offer assistance and guidance through my experience, I can help make a difference.

I'm currently maintaining the same position at the Benton Veterans Village. It enables me to be of service to my fellow veterans and my community. I've developed the living skills necessary to be a productive and responsible member of society, once again. If it wasn't for Hearn House and the dedication of Community Housing Sonoma County to helping veterans like myself, I have no idea what would have happened to me. I'm very grateful for the services and support offered. I hope to continue giving back to help those still in need.